Jefferson’s Ocean


There isn’t any brine or salt in the nose just a big dose of well matured bourbon. This starts out with a healthy dose of bourbon spice followed by rich caramel and vanilla. Brown sugar, dark fruit (cherries in particular), orange zest, dark honey and oak. The aromas are sharp, rich and sweet; creating a wonderful nosing experience that reminds me of high quality wheaters.


Bourbon spice and dark fruit are neck and neck coming onto the palate with caramel behind by an inch. Cinnamon pops and cherries float in and out and the oak sits like a support beam under the whole flavor profile. There is some vanilla, but it comes across as imitation vanilla and then there’s the salt. I was shocked to actually find some salty brine coating my tongue as it passed. It’s not a strong presence, but it’s definitely there.


Medium-long and filled with caramel, wood, salt and vanilla mixed with an ambiguous sweetness and tartness in what is easily the most unique finish I’ve had in a bourbon.
Jefferson’s Ocean